About Our Company
We are manufacturer trained and certified Mosquito Magnet® professionals. Family owned and operated since the first model of the Mosquito Magnet® was released, this isn't just a hobby - its our life! We provide the largest selection of Mosquito Magnet® sales, service, and repair. We also offer home and commercial Mosquito Magnet® service and rentals to customers in our local area. Learn more about our company and all we have to offer!

Why Choose Us?
All of Mosquito Control Technology's technicians are specialty trained by Woodstream Corporation, the manufacturer of the Mosquito Magnet®. We fly our technicians across the country to attend training courses to ensure the very best quality service and repair. Whether your purchasing a new Mosquito Magnet®, ordering accessories, or servicing your trap, we have the perfect solution for you! Give us a call today!
Mosquito Magnet® Online Troubleshooting
Mosquito Magnet® not starting up? Not catching mosquitoes? Displaying a fault code? We can help!

Mosquito Magnet® Tips
Learn more about Mosquito Magnet® Traps, Attractants, and how you can maximizing your catch. 
Take advantage of our online resources like Mosquito Magnet®'s Interactive Trap Placement Tool.

Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro Disassembly
A quick link to one of our most popular pages! How to disassemble your Mosquito Magnet® Commercial Pro so you can send it to us for service or repair.

>>Click here for Commercial Pro Disassembly Instructions